EV Charging


The availability of electric vehicles is increasing, and their use is a natural fit with solar photovoltaics (PV). Electric vehicles utilize batteries that can store solar electricity to offset gasoline consumption. As the technology becomes more prevalent, the availability of public charging stations will increase and the ability to integrate EVs for household energy storage will be streamlined.

We can incorporate an EV charger into your solar project or simply install a permanent charger at your home or business. The use of a Level 2 charger can decrease your charging time. Installing a public charging station promotes the use of EVs and can promote your business to EV drivers in your region.

Find an EV charging station near you.

Come visit Pittsfield and charge for free!

At our warehouse in Pittsfield, we offer free EV charging using our Level 2 charger. Our location is located approximately 1 mile from Exit 150 on I-95 and is centrally located on Route 100 in Pittsfield. Come to Pittsfield and walk to our lovely parks, public library, walking trails, and an excellent local restaurant (Vittles). With a little coordination, you can canoe or kayak the Sebasticook River while your vehicle charges.

Our charging station.