Heat Pump Installation


The proper installation of a mini-split heat pump requires a strong understanding of refrigeration principles, electrical expertise, and general construction skills. With proper attention to detail, a mini-split heat pump can provide high efficiency heating and cooling for over a decade. When installed poorly, these units can leak refrigerant that increases the influence of climate change, pose a safety hazard due to concerns about combustion, require hundreds of dollars of avoidable servicing, and generally annoy their owner.

The key to ensuring a mini-split heat pump installation that minimizes long-term costs is attention to detail during the installation and commissioning process. The installation crews at Insource Renewables take great pride in their work and have the expertise needed to do it right the first time. We stand behind this claim by offering a 3-year labor warranty to our clients.

Our Installation Warranty

As a Fujitsu Elite contractor, we are able to offer a 12-year parts warranty for residential installations. While a parts warranty is reassuring, the labor associated with replacing a control board, a defective coil, or a failed compressor can be significant. We expect equipment to last and our customers often choose us because we value durable equipment and minimize surprises. Our company warranty assures that any labor required to resolve issues related to a parts failure or poor workmanship will be covered for 3 years.

Residential clients

Insource Renewables works with clients in Maine seeking to reduce their heating bills, transition away from fossil fuels, and make their home more comfortable. We work in high-end, new construction projects to assist homeowners with their goals of achieving a net zero home and install heat pumps for low-income households that are striving to reduce their energy costs.

Whatever the setting, we take the time to listen to your individual goals and provide a high-quality solution that values your preferences, budget, and aesthetic.

Commercial clients

Insource Renewables serves a broad range of municipal commercial clients, including professional offices, restaurants, retail spaces, multifamily housing, nonprofit organizations and agricultural businesses. With an experienced staff of electricians and refrigeration professionals, we deliver the type of craftsmanship that communicates your commitment to quality to your clients and provides you with confidence in your new investment.