Heat Pump Service

Mini-split heat pump service

When installed properly, the service life of a mini-split heat pump is expected to be approximately 12-15 years. As a heating appliance with moving parts, there are routine service requirements and occasionally there are parts that need to be replaced. Even when the unit has been installed in accordance with best practices, some of the following issues may arise:

  • fan motor failure
  • damage to control boards
  • mold growth on the indoor unit
  • occasional manufacturer’s defects

We stand behind our installations by providing a 3-year labor warranty to support the parts warranty offered by the heat pump manufacturer and by servicing everything we sell. We also have extensive experience servicing these units for clients that had their equipment installed by another company.

Service & maintenance

Most heating systems require routine service; mini-split heat pumps are no exception. Some of this maintenance is quite easy and can be done by the owner. Other items require equipment and tools that are specific to our trade. In all that we do, we seek to minimize the life-cycle costs required to install and maintain the equipment.

Insource Renewables will work with you to keep your unit running as efficiently as possible. We provide training to heat pump owners, including a series of instructional videos that are available at your convenience. We also provide deep cleaning services and routing checkups.

Mini-split heat pump repair

When mini-split heat pumps are poorly installed, there are a number of issues that may occur. Poor flares on the copper lineset can lead to refrigeration leaks. The global warming potential caused by a refrigeration leak from a small single-zone heat pump has roughly the same impact as burning a full tank of heating oil.

We service over 400 units that were installed in low-income housing units by other installation firms. As a result, we have discovered and resolved significant electrical code violations, equipment falling off of walls, condensate leaks, units installed too close to combustible fuels, and units with inadequate clearances that lead to poor performance.

Our ethic is to install equipment right the first time, provide ongoing support (including a 3-year labor warranty), and to assist those who have units that are functioning improperly and are unable to get assistance from the original installer.