Off-Grid Solar PV

Off-grid solar photovoltaics (PV)

Off-grid PV systems utilize batteries to store electricity when there is sufficient solar radiation to satisfy the electrical demands in the home. The systems, also known as “standalone” systems, range from small systems for running emergency signs and lighting to systems that satisfy the full demands of a home or business. These systems are typically utilized in places where access to the grid is impractical or expensive. These systems are commonly used for seasonal cabins and homes located away from existing electrical infrastructure.

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Off-grid design

Due to the need for electrical reliability, the design process for off-grid system is very detailed and requires an accurate assessment of the electrical use at the site.

We provide the design and installation of certain off-grid PV systems and generators. Typically, our off-grid clientele are those who are looking for whole-house systems or larger camp systems. Due to the economics of designing and installing small off-grid systems, it is often difficult for us to attend to the design and installation of systems of one or two solar modules. If you are looking for guidance on a system to satisfy small electrical loads, we are willing to connect you with good resources for doing so successfully.

Generator backup

Most off-grid systems are supplemented by a generator that provides consistent power even when there is limited access to the sun. The demand for a generator depends upon the storage capacity of the battery bank, the electricity demand, and the ability for the PV modules to recharge the battery bank. We provide generator installation services for our off-grid clients.

We work to provide a balance between cost and comfort – namely the cost of batteries and propane for running a generator and the comfort of having a system that provides continuous electricity while minimizing the hum of a generator.

Off-grid services

Insource Renewables offers design, installation, and maintenance service for off-grid applications. Our emphasis is on high performing, whole-house systems for clients across Maine, including island properties off the Maine coast. Due to the nature of off-grid work, we spend a great deal of time in the design process listening to the specific needs of our clients, identifying opportunities to reduce electrical loads, and setting expectations for system performance.

We also provide services for off-grid systems needing battery replacement, inverter maintenance, or routine maintenance.