Solar Heating

Solar heating

Solar heating technologies absorb the sun’s radiation for domestic water heating, space heating, and pool heating. Well-designed and properly installed solar heating systems last for decades and provide their owners with significant cost savings.

Solar water heating

Solar water heating (SWH) systems utilize the sun to preheat water and reduce the need for fossil fuels or electricity to maintain comfortable water temperatures. SWH systems can be integrated with electric water heaters, oil boilers, and other types of conventional water heaters.

SWH systems are most cost effective for homes and businesses with consistent and moderate to heavy hot water demand. They are also a great solution for off-grid homes with consistent hot water loads.

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Solar combisystems

Solar radiant heating systems are similar to SWH systems with the additional value of supplementing the space heating needs of your home or business. These systems are particularly effective in energy efficient buildings that use radiant distribution, such as tubing embedded in concrete or panel radiators.

These systems are also commonly referred to as solar combisystems and can be an effective way to reduce propane use while maintaining the creature comforts of radiant heating.

Solar pool heating

Solar pool heating (SPH) is the most popular solar heating technology in the United States. These systems are extremely simple and highly efficient. By boosting water temperatures, solar pool heating systems increase comfort and extend the swimming season.

When used in conjunction with a pool cover, solar pool heating systems can maintain consistent water temperatures in the mid-80s for outdoor pools. SPH systems can also be used for indoor pools, where they can significantly reduce or eliminate heating costs in the spring, summer, and fall.