Solar Radiant Heating

Solar radiant heating

Solar heating systems can be utilized to supplement radiant heating systems, providing a renewable energy solution that provides radiant comfort. Radiant slabs provide for the most effective use of stored solar energy and increase the total efficiency of the system. This approach provides solar-heated domestic hot water spring through fall and minimizes propane use for space heating, especially in the shoulder seasons.

Solar combisystems

Solar radiant systems are commonly referred to as combisystems. In the current market, the most cost effective solar combisystems are those that we consider as “domestic hot water plus” systems. These systems are designed to maximize the economics of integrating solar with domestic water heating and radiant distribution by providing a simple, elegant design that has its greatest benefit during the summer and shoulder seasons.

For clients seeking to offset large space heating needs with solar heating technologies, we have extensive experience with large volume heat storage and expertise with integrating solar with a variety of heating appliances. The advanced complexity of these systems requires a contractor you can trust with design and installation.


In addition to leading our local contractor efforts, our founder Vaughan Woodruff provides consulting, technical writing, and training for clients and audiences across the country. For more information related to integrating solar with radiant distribution, check out some of the resources Vaughan has developed: