Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating

Solar water heating (SWH) systems have been available commercially in the United States since 1891. They are popular and highly effective in Maine where electricity, oil, or propane are used for water heating. These systems also provide an effective supplement for wood and pellet boilers by minimizing the need to burn fuel during the nonheating season.

SWH systems are cost effective solutions for homes and businesses with moderate to high water heating loads. In residential applications, these systems are designed to offset 60-70% of the energy required for annual water heating. With an auxiliary source of heat, such as oil, propane, or electricity, owners always have the comfort of hot water without the typical energy costs.

High commercial hot water consumers such as hotels, car washes, laundromats, breweries, and dairy farms can also benefit significantly from this technology. By utilizing our design expertise and attention to detail, Maine companies can distinguish themselves by making a solid long-term investment that demonstrates their leadership and commitment to value.

Design, installation, and service

The proper integration of solar water heating with auxiliary heating sources such as electricity, oil, propane, and wood ensures an ample supply of hot water regardless of demand and available sun. Because Maine homes and businesses use a wide variety of appliances for water heating, each project requires careful consideration.

Our staff has nationally-recognized expertise related to solar water heating design, installation, and service. If you are seeking to utilize solar heating technologies at your home or business, Insource Renewables will work with you to identify opportunities, develop an effective design best suited for your application, and install a robust system that minimizes service and maintenance costs.

We also service solar water heating systems that have been installed by other contractors.