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BANGOR DAILY NEWS – Collaboration between Amish builders, solar company results in ‘solar shed’

April 8, 2017

UNITY, Maine ― For Joas Hochstetler, manager of the Amish-owned Backyard Buildings, the idea of manufacturing a shed equipped with solar panels was always in the back of his mind.

After all, as part of their mission to remain off the grid, Hochstetler’s family and others in the Amish community that has settled in Unity use solar power technology in a variety of ways, from powering lights on their carriages to charging power tool batteries.

“Solar is pretty passive, there’s no moving parts, you don’t have to feed it, it doesn’t take gas,” Hochstetler said. “We’ve already made the decision to not be on the grid […] so the benefits of solar for us are just endless.”

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