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THE FREE PRESS - All the Rage with Paul LePage: LePage Wishes He Could Fire His PUC Appointees

February 17, 2017

“When asked by a reporter why he believed that solar power is the cause of high electricity rates given that the transmission cost for Central Maine Power’s 2,600 solar customers is only $1.7 million per year, LePage admitted that it isn’t causing high costs now, but that MPUC’s rules to reduce rates for solar producers will dramatically increase the number of new rooftop solar panels. 'Our estimates say it’s going to be $40 million by the end of this year because everybody, you’re going to get paid to put a solar panel on your roof,' said LePage. 'It’s going to skyrocket when everybody takes off and starts putting up a solar panel.' The governor dismissed another reporter’s insistence that the new MPUC rule is actually more conservative than the current solar policy. The half-hour energy lecture left many industry insiders flummoxed. 'The governor claimed in his press conference that solar policy is so complex that not many people understand it,' said Vaughan Woodruff, a Pittsfield-based solar installer and chair of the Committee on Renewable Energy. 'Then, with disjointed responses to reporters’ questions, he spent much of the remainder of his press conference demonstrating just how confused someone can be when he has spent very little time examining the issue.' Read the full article.  

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