Sprayfoam and solar make a great match

A Great Match: Solar Energy and Home Performance

February 7, 2019
Bo Jespersen | The Breathable HomeIn this blog post, we sit down with Bo Jespersen, owner of The Breathable Home of Manchester, to talk home performance. The Breathable Home has served homeowners in central and midcoast Maine for 13 years.

Bo loves helping Mainers save energy and is passionate about his work. Weatherization and home energy efficiency are key considerations in any home and are a good compliment to an investment in solar energy.

Insource: How does an investment in home performance complement a solar or heat pump project?

Jespersen: The two go hand in hand.  By reducing your energy requirements with insulation and air sealing, you set up a perfect plan to reduce your energy costs by using a renewable source like solar.

Insource: What are the top three things a homeowner can look for in their home to gauge its efficiency?

Jespersen: I like to look at a house the same way we wear winter clothes, each item builds upon the other and none can do the job alone.  The basement is equivalent to footwear where warm, dry socks are a must. The walls are like your pants and shirt- lots of surface area that needs to be maintained. The roof, like a good warm hat, is extremely important to stay warm.  Some is better than none but getting them all coordinated is best.

Insource: What are common solutions to address these three areas if they need some attention?

Jespersen: It is best to start with an energy audit to see how the whole house is orchestrated. Once the tests and inspection are complete, coming up with a prioritized plan of action is next.  Cellulose, spray foam, rigid foam and moisture mitigation are usually the most frequently used materials and techniques to get the job done.

Insource: What would you rank as the most underrated weatherization measure?

Jespersen: Basement work. This is a place seldom seen and usually forgotten until there is real trouble. To put things into perspective, I often tell people if their basement were a car driving down the road, they would be pulled over immediately for safety purposes!

Insource: Are there any common approaches to weatherization that are overrated?

Jespersen: Windows. These are expensive and typically show little savings when compared to most insulation and air sealing measures.

Insource: Are there any incentives available for weatherization?

Jespersen: Tons. Efficiency Maine has a wonderful program for full time Maine residents. Visit www.efficiencymaine.com to learn more.

Insource Renewables helps support our customers in their efforts to implement comprehensive home energy solutions by providing a $100 discount on The Breathable Home's services with the purchase of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

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