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Insource Renewables Achieves Prestigious NABCEP Company Accreditation

April 26, 2018

Installation Company is the First Maine-based Solar Company to Achieve Company Accreditation by North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

Pittsfield, ME — Insource Renewables, LLC has just received Company Accreditation by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABECP). NABCEP awards accreditation to companies that meet a rigorous set of standards around installation, employee training and qualification, safe work practices, and customer accountability. Insource Renewables joins nine other NABCEP Accredited Companies around the country that have distinguished themselves by adhering to a set of industry-recognized best practices.

To earn a NABCEP Company Accreditation, the PV installation company had to undergo a thorough and rigorous application and review process that included the submission of procedures and policies and independent, third-party inspections of previously installed systems. The core elements of NABCEP Company Accreditation include: employment of NABCEP certified installation and technical sales personnel, documented and consistent policies and programs as they relate to the operations of the company, ongoing worker training program(s), and a strong focus on worker safety.

Based in Pittsfield, Insource Renewables is a full-service solar contracting firm that serves residential, commercial, and municipal clients across much of Maine. Solar professionals with the company have already earned four inpidual certifications from NABCEP for their expertise in solar installation and technical sales, including the first certified solar technical sales professional in the Maine. Insource Renewables has a demonstrated commitment to promoting best practices within the solar industry through their installation work and by participating in efforts at the state and national level to develop and improve codes and standards related to solar technologies

The company’s commitment to quality was well evidenced during the accreditation process, where Insource Renewables received perfect scores from NABCEP for their installation practices during the inspection process.

“We are dedicated to helping build a high quality solar industry within the state of Maine,” said Insource Renewables president Vaughan Woodruff. “Earning NABCEP Company Accreditation demonstrates our commitment to high standards for quality in how we sell, install, and service solar energy systems and for how we develop the professionals that will help shape the future of Maine’s solar industry.”

“Earning the NABCEP Company Accreditation is a major accomplishment. To achieve this accreditation, Insource Renewables had to demonstrate a company-wide commitment to quality assurance throughout the sales, installation, and after-sale process,” said Shawn O’Brien, Executive Director of NABCEP. “The staff at Insource Renewables were a pleasure to work with, and we were particularly impressed with their deep commitment to staff training and development. From everyone at NABCEP, congratulations!”

For more information on Insource Renewables, visit or contact the main office at (207) 659-1054.

About Insource Renewables, LLC

Insource Renewables is a full-service renewable energy contracting firm providing design, installation, and service for residential, commercial, and municipal clients in Maine. Its mission is to provide high-quality renewable energy solutions that support Maine communities, workers, and the planet. Insource Renewables envisions a Maine that is more resilient and prosperous through the efficient and effective use of renewable energy technologies.


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