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Insource Renewables Joins Forces with ReVision Energy

February 13, 2021

With a goal of combining our strength to accelerate the regional transition to renewable energy combined with storage, Insource Renewables is excited to announce that we're joining forces with Montville, Maine-based ReVision Energy. 

The employee owners of Insource Renewables have entered into an agreement that will allow its staff to become the newest employee owners of ReVision Energy, and will bring Insource under the ReVision Energy brand.

ReVision and Insource have long been values- and mission-aligned companies. While competing in the open market, we've fought side-by-side in the state house to drive forward solar policy in Maine, which culminated in the passage of the transformational LD1711 policy that opened up the solar farm, mid-and large-scale solar, and utility solar markets in Maine.

By joining forces under the ReVision banner, the stronger unified company will be better able to tackle the regulatory challenges in Maine's rapidly expanding solar market, offer the legendary customer service both companies are known for, and grow our workforce to meet the surging demand for zero-emission solutions.

Insource CEO Vaughan Woodruff, a former instructor and technical consultant for several prominent national solar workforce initiatives, will be charged with leading and expanding the ReVision Energy Training Center (RETC).

“Insource has been built on a commitment to our communities, our planet, and our workers,” said Woodruff. “While our two companies have been competitors for over a decade, we have always respected ReVision’s work quality and have seen them as an ally in growing Maine’s solar industry and in setting an example of the potential for business to impact positive change in the world. Combining our two companies will magnify the impact of our work for Mainers, our workers, and our environment.”  

RETC was created in 2018, when ReVision became the first solar company in the nation to launch a state-certified training program that streamlines the lengthy process of helping individuals move through the stages of becoming an apprentice, journeyman and licensed master electrician. This effort was launched in response to the long-standing industry shortage of electricians. Under Woodruff’s leadership, RETC will be expanded to incorporate training in other technical aspects of the industry, leadership development, and business development.

“We are grateful for this opportunity to welcome Vaughan Woodruff and the Insource Renewables team into the ReVision Energy family. Workforce development is one of our industry’s most pressing challenges and we have high expectations that Vaughan will be able to help us address that issue by taking the helm of our homegrown ReVision Energy Training Center," says ReVision co-founder Fortunat Mueller, "Vaughan’s deep background in leadership, technical training, education, employee ownership, and renewable energy policy make him an ideal candidate to be the director of RETC. In this role he will guide more of our present and future co-owners to higher levels of certification, licensure, and subject matter expertise across all of the clean technologies we are bringing to bear on our region’s fossil fuel consumption and emissions."

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Is my warranty still valid?

Yes. If you have an existing labor warranty with Insource Renewables, your warranty is now being handled by ReVision Energy. Any existing warranties on parts and equipment also remain.

If I need to reach customer service, who do I call?

ReVision's service lines are open Monday through Friday from 8:30am — 5:00pm and 24/7 for emergency support. The customer service department can be reached as follows:

via phone: (207) 747-0076
via email:
via contact form:

How does ReVision's customer service approach compare to Insource's?

Both companies share a common commitment to high level customer satisfaction. ReVision's specific approach can be found here.

What are some of the benefits I'll receive as a result of Insource and ReVision joining forces?

Through the companies' combined efforts, both companies' customers are going to have access to a higher level of technical expertise and a more informed approach to solving our state's energy challenges. Additionally, Insource customers will have access to complementary energy technologies, such as the Tesla Powerwall.

What does the future hold for familiar faces from Insource?

All current Insource employees have been offered the opportunity to become employee owners of ReVision Energy. Many will be working at the Montville branch, while others will be working at the South Portland branch or remotely to support ReVision across its operations in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. All of our current sales staff, including Vaughan, will be working in various capacities within ReVision Energy and will provide continuity for our combined sales and customer support efforts.

Why ReVision?

While we have been competitors in the marketplace, our two companies have worked closely during the last decade to expand Maine's solar industry through shared advocacy work at the legislature and Public Utilities Commission and through focused leadership on promoting quality within our industry. The two companies are built on a common foundation - both companies are employee-owned B Corps with a strong commitment to Maine. Our collaboration will allow both companies to increase the impact of our work in a manner that supports our customers, our workers, and the planet.