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MORNING SENTINEL: Monmouth dairy uses federal, local grants to go solar

September 15, 2019

As featured in the Morning Sentinel, "The Milkhouse in Monmouth... recently installed 192 solar panels on the roof of a winter cow-housing barn, which will be online in the next couple of weeks, according to Caitlin Frame, who owns The Milkhouse with her partner, Andy Smith.

Solar Savings for The Milkhouse

The solar array, installed by Insource Renewables of Pittsfield, is a 72-kilowatt, roof-mounted system.

'We estimated it would save us about $10,000 a year and generate around 70,000 kilowats hours annually, which will replace all of the energy needs of our business,' Frame said. 'Cost over time is important to us, as well as the principle of solar energy is for our business and as a symbol in the community. We are excited about it.'"

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