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SOLAR INDUSTRY MAGAZINE: Solar Advocates Urge Maine PUC To ‘Do The Right Thing’ For Net Metering

October 18, 2016

"However, during this review, the PUC gathered no evidence, despite the fact that commenters repeatedly asked the commission to complete some analysis of net metering before proposing changes, says the NRCM. 'The PUC failed to do its job, which was to properly review net metering, and ignored evidence from its own study about the benefits and cost-savings solar brings to everyone in Maine who pays an electric bill,' said Vaughan Woodruff, owner of Insource Renewables in Pittsfield. 'As a result, the proposed rule change would not only take Maine in the wrong direction on solar, but it would also mean higher electric bills for Maine ratepayers.' While solar power is enjoying enormous growth and feeding rapid job creation across the Northeast and beyond, Maine remains in last place regionally on solar installations and jobs, due to the lack of effective state policy, according to the NRCM." Read the full article

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