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Why You Should Build Your Career with Insource Renewables

July 23, 2019

As a growing solar company in Maine, we are often looking for individuals to join our team to strengthen our company and help us carry forward our mission of providing high-quality renewable energy solutions that support our communities, our workers, and our planet.

We're not alone in our quest to find skilled employees. Employers in our industry and across Maine are hoping to attract talent to their companies in an effort to expand. While we offer an attractive wage and benefits package, the allure of work at Insource Renewables is about substance and thoughtfulness in what we do and where we are going. 

If you are considering working with Insource, here are the top 10 reasons to join our team:

10. You can continue to enjoy grocery shopping.

Maine is like one large small town. Everyone seems to know someone who knows someone. When we hang out at the beach, catch a concert, take a load to the transfer station, or stop at the grocery store for a quick errand, it's common to run into someone we know no matter in which corner of the state we find ourselves. The close networks of Maine place high value on integrity and community-mindedness. We strive to provide a level of customer service that makes us excited to run into clients at the grocery store rather than worrying about having to duck down the cereal aisle to avoid an awkward moment. (If you were thinking this reason had to do with food - sorry. How about if we throw in a word about our local food benefit that provides up to $250 towards a CSA share? Is that better?)

9. We're a small company with big influence.

Insource Renewables is proud to be a small business, and we are very deliberate about our growth. Power and size are not important to us - influence is. Our common goal is to earn the respect and esteem of one another across the solar workforce from our clients, our colleagues, and our communities. We are highly active in clean energy policy deliberations and are often asked by leaders across the state to provide input on Maine energy policy. Our workers are regularly updated on these discussions to promote civic engagement and a broad understanding of the factors that impact our work. As a worker cooperative, NABCEP Accredited PV Installation Company, and Certified B Corp, we are also engaged with the greater business community related to corporate responsibility.

8. You're with a group of colleagues who care about what they do.

Insource Renewables has been built on its people. We strive to find hard-working professionals with good heads on their shoulders who care about their work. We emphasize solar craftsmanship throughout all of our work and have developed processes that people are surprised to see for a small company in central Maine. There are days when work can be a slog. Those days go much easier when you have people willing to pull with you.  

7. We value education and the process of continual improvement.

Insource Renewables is a collection of hungry learners who are constantly looking for better ways to do things and who embrace challenge. In order to prepare ourselves for the adaptability the solar industry requires, we place high value on education. When we became one of just a handful of companies in North America to achieve NABCEP PV Installation Company Accreditation, NABCEP Executive Director Shawn O'Brien remarked that his organization was "particularly impressed with [Insource Renewables'] deep commitment to staff training and development." Our professional development focuses on technical training, appropriate safety practices, leadership development, and business acumen. In addition to formal training, employment opportunities for self-directed learning is substantial.

6. You get to surround yourself with Maine.

We live in an incredibly beautiful state that is filled with character. Our customers are awesome, and we get to see some unique places for work. Occasionally, there's a job on the coast or on an island. We get into the mountains. And sometimes, we really get into the mountains. 

5. You get to sleep well at night.

Let's be frank - we face some serious environmental issues. Those of us that recognize the causes and consequences can get weighed down by the enormity of the issues. Working with Insource is an opportunity to take action. Every. Single. Day. We're not going to solve the world's issues by ourselves, but we're also not going to stand on the sidelines when there is tangible work that we can do right now.

4. Variety, vARIETY, VaRiEtY!

Many of us see work as a place to use head and hands to create tangible change. Sometimes it takes more of one than the other, but we work to make sure we're able to contribute in a variety of ways towards the success of the company. It's not unusual for our administrative staff to lend a hand when scaffolding needs to be loaded or when we have tight deadlines to meet. It's also expected for solar installers to be inquisitive and get involved in the various projects we work on, such as rooftop residential solar, our Solar Structures line, heat pumps, and service.

3. You can grow here.

As a small company in a fast-growing industry, there is ample opportunity to carve a path of advancement with us. If you are ambitious and driven to learn, Insource is a great place to advance your career. We have a team of high-achieving solar professionals that can pull you up knowing that you are helping them move up as well. Many of us have put in time and hard work to grow as professionals and appreciate those willing to do the same.

2. Our workers own and govern Insource.

Insource Renewables is a worker cooperative. A worker cooperative is a business structure that gives employees the opportunity to buy a membership share in the company once they have met clearly defined membership requirements. In our case, membership requires two years of service with the company and support from two-thirds of our membership. Once employees become members, they receive a share of the company's profits and have voting power on decisions that affect our growth. Otherwise, our day-to-day operations and wages are managed with a structure that is fairly comparable to other businesses. At Insource, we actively work to get our earnings in the hands of the workers.

1. We recognize that you are more than a solar professional.

One of the most consistent comments we get from our employees is an appreciation for the company's willingness and ability to provide a workplace that recognizes our responsibiities and interests outside of work. In addition to paid leave, holidays, and volunteer time, Insource provides flexibility in scheduling for our workers. Ultimately, we value outcomes and our ability to support one another. Schedule flexibility is a delicate balance between maintaining support for co-workers and communicating one's needs outside of work. It can be a difficult challenge for a company, but we're up to the task.

Interested in exploring a solar career with us? Visit our career opportunities page.