Insource Renewables solar shed structure near a school playground

Winter Build Promotion – Save $300 by Preordering Your Solar Shed by Feb 14, 2020 for Spring Delivery

November 19, 2019

Demand for our Maine Solar Structures line has been steadily increasing. We saw record sales in 2019 and already have a number of customers who have taken advantage of our 2020 Winter Build promotion, which provides incentives for projects built in the winter and delivered in the spring.

We are expecting a busy 2020 for this product line and are offering a limited number of Winter Build Promotions for customers seeking to reserve a place towards the front of the line for delivery in spring 2020. Projects placed under contract before February 14, 2020 will received the choice of $300 off or a free starter electrical package ($400 value). The Winter Build Promotion will also allow you to secure your project at 2019 pricing. With increases in the cost of building materials, there will be slight cost increases for projects sold in 2020.

In addition to these financial incentives, securing a project under our Winter Build promotion provides you with the earliest possible delivery date for your project. With the federal tax credit slated to step down from 26% in 2020 to 22% in 2021 and with several changes to Maine solar policy that will drive significant growth for residential, commercial, and municipal solar, the demand in Maine during 2020 will be higher than ever. By getting your Solar Shed ordered now, you can ensure that your project is on the books for 2020 during the time of year that provides the best cashflow option for individuals planning to finance their project.

See below for more information on the benefits of installing your system in the spring and unique financing options. For more information, contact us at (207) 659-1054 or

New Financing Options for Our Projects

In 2019 we added a clean energy loan option with Clean Energy Credit Union, a Colorado-based startup, to the list of financing options for our Maine Solar Structures line. This loan allow customers to best match their loan payments to their utility savings without the hidden fees that are common to solar loans. CECU has financed several of our Solar Sheds, as well as our rooftop projects.

Customers in Somerset, Penobscot, and Waldo Counties will also have an opportunity to access a new solar loan product that we are piloting with a local lender in 2020.

The terms of these two loan products have made solar even more accessible to Mainers, and we are happy to work with you take advantage of these attractive loan products. Done right, a solar loan allows you to trade a chunk of your utility bill for payments towards a loan that you can pay off. While we are averse to borrowing money, we find that strategic loans for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects are highly valuable for addressing something far worse than a loan – energy bills that are never paid off and leave us as captive consumers.

The Benefits of Installing in the Winter and Spring

If you are considering financing your project and would like to minimize the impact of the project on your pocketbook in the near-term, late winter and early spring are great times to install solar in Maine.

The worst time? November and December.

We broke this down in a blog post that you can read here. The Cliff Notes version is this: if you want to avoid paying for a large electricity bill and a loan payment in the same month, you want to make sure that your system is substantially reducing your electricity bill right away. For many applications, this scenario begins in March or April, when solar production is roughly equal to a home’s electricity use. May is when many systems begin amassing utility credits. 

If you want to explore how these numbers will look for your project, we’ll be happy to get into the weeds with you. Please contact us at (207) 659-1054 or

Considering solar panels for your Maine home? Contact us or call (207) 659-1054 to get a free phone consultation and quote on a Solar Shed or rooftop solar energy system.