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Winter Special – Save $300 by Preordering Your Solar Shed by Feb 15, 2019 for Spring Delivery

December 21, 2018

If you are considering solar for 2019, Insource Renewables is offering an opportunity to get a jump start on your project. Insource Renewables has teamed up with Backyard Buildings of Unity to develop their unique Maine Solar Structures line of ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Instead of installing solar panels on a structure made of steel and concrete, this product allows you to have a multipurpose outbuilding that is far more attractive than traditional ground mounts and costs less.

Choose Your Solar Shed Style

Our standard Solar Shed is connected to your home’s electrical system to offset your electrical consumption. Many of our customers are able to offset all of their energy usage – including heating costs associated with mini-split heat pumps – and simply pay around $10–12 per month to Central Maine Power (CMP) or Emera Maine. We also offer off-grid models that are less expensive than a comparable roof-mounted off-grid system.

This unique solution comes in three different styles:

    • Our original 12’ wide saltbox-style Solar Shed features 20 solar modules and offsets up to $100 per month of electricity for CMP customers and up to $115 per month for Emera customers;
    • Our 14’ wide saltbox-style Solar Shed features 20 modules that are physically larger than those on our original design, generate roughly 10% more energy, and have more usable space inside; and
    • Our 14’ wide shed-roof-style Solar Shed features 30 modules and offsets up to $150 for CMP customers and $170 for Emera customers.

Preorder Now to Save $300

Customers who preorder their shed by February 15, 2019 will receive a $300 discount off their purchase. Your Solar Shed will be built for delivery as soon as delivery season begins in the spring.

Early spring is an ideal time to install solar, and we offer solar financing that can cover the total installed cost of your project.

2019 is gearing up to be a year of high demand for solar in Maine. This is a great opportunity to get discounted pricing, start building energy credits with the utility, and to be at the head of the line for delivery this spring.

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