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WZON's THE PULSE MORNING SHOW - Vaughan Woodruff's reaction to the PUC's changes to net metering

February 2, 2017

On Tuesday, January 31, 2017, Maine's PUC announced their decision to revise Maine's net energy billing rules. Insource Renewables' owner, Vaughan Woodruff, joined Don Cookson of WZON's The Pulse Morning Show to discuss the PUC's new rules and their impact on the future of solar in Maine. Vaughan shared the following details:

  • The PUC's decision to revise the state's net metering rules was unsubstantiated by any rigorous analysis,
  • The grandfathering period offered to current net metering customers is the shortest in the country,
  • Solar customers will be taxed for electricity that they generate and consume on site,
  • Maine, which is already lagging the rest of the region as a result of unfavorable solar policy, will take a huge step back once the new rules are implemented beginning January 1, 2018,
  • Maine can expect to see a spike in installations in 2017 as buyers seek to benefit from current rules should the legislature fail to correct the PUC's decision,
  • The continual uncertainty resulting from the legislature and the PUC deters companies from investing in employees and capital, and
  • The legislature has an opportunity to adopt common sense policy before the rule goes into effect.

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