Maine solar installer rooftop

Insource Renewables is a full-service renewable energy contracting firm providing design, installation, service, and training for residential, commercial, and municipal clients in Maine. We are the only NABCEP Accredited PV Installation Company in Maine and only the tenth in North America to achieve this distinction. We earned this distinction as a result of our commitment to quality in all aspects of our work, including placing a priority on safety and professional development. While we are a local, small business, we are recognized nationally for our renewable expertise and work diligently to build a strong foundation for the responsible and effective use of renewable energy here in Maine.

Worker Ownership

After ten years of ownership by founder Vaughan Woodruff, Insource Renewables converted to a worker cooperative in February 2019. As a worker cooperative, Insource Renewables provides employees with the opportunity to become owners of the company. Member owners benefit from democratic control of the workplace through a governance model of "one member, one vote". Member owners also receive financial benefit through earning a direct share of company profits.

Commitment to our Communities, Our Workers, and Our Planet

Our mission is to provide high-quality renewable energy solutions that support our communities, our workers, and our planet. We envision a Maine that is more resilient and prosperous through the efficient and effective use of renewable energy technologies. We enact our vision by directly supporting local businesses, minimizing our operational energy use and supporting global efforts to reduce carbon emissions, supporting rural economic development, and engaging in statewide efforts to transform Maine's energy economy to one that supports equity and the climate.

In 2019, Insource was recognized as a Best for the World company by being in the top 10% of Certified B Corps in the world in its treatment of workers. 

Who We Hire

We look for individuals with a strong commitment to the traditional Maine values of hard work, doing what you say, creative problem solving, and neighborliness. Our employees are thoughtful about their work, inquisitive, and are working to further their careers in a growing company with significant opportunities for advancement. Ultimately, Insource Renewables is a collection of capable professionals that work together for the common good. For each new hire, we work to identify individuals who are passionate about renewable energy, committed to quality, and will help move the company forward in its efforts to strengthen Maine's energy economy.

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Commercial Solar Project Manager (Pittsfield, Maine)

Vaughan has professionally bridged the gap between being a contractor and being an advocate for Maine homeowners in their mission to save energy. He is not a ‘one size fits all’ in terms of efficiency and many times he has recommended our services over his own when looking at the types of challenges homeowners face when decreasing their carbon footprint.

Bo Jespersen
Owner / The Breathable Home

Working with the Insource Renewables team was for me not only a satisfying experience but also encouraging about the renewable energy industry itself. These people were well-informed and articulate in their advice and planning on my project.

They brought the fruits of both long experience with solar design and deep conviction about the importance of renewable energy in today’s world. In follow-up, they have been generous and good-natured in answering questions.

Phoebe Phelps
Orland, Maine

We contracted Insource Renewables to install a solar heater for our swimming pool and a cluster of home energy improvements. We were very pleased with the expertise, integrity, and work ethic of Vaughan Woodruff and his fine team.

We were consistently informed of and/or consulted on scheduled activities and events throughout. At every juncture, Vaughan and his team were obviously guided by the principle of doing what is right for the customer.

We have recommended to our friends and continue to unreservedly recommend Insource Renewables for any energy-related projects.

Michael Leblanc & Rosalie Williams
Pittsfield, Maine

We are very happy with our new solar panels from Insource Renewables. It’s great that, now, our house is a power generation factory! Vaughan and the rest of the team are excellent, knowledgeable, friendly, proactive. Within 2 days of the start of the project, our meter was running backwards! It’s satisfying to make a small but real change in the severe climate issues that our planet is facing. I’m also really thankful that Vaughan connected us with the Greater Bangor Solarize program, which saved us over $2,000 on our installation! Vaughan provided us with many different options and answered so many questions that we had, until we found the solar project that was right for our family.

Julie Gosse
Orono, Maine

We discovered Insource Renewables (and Backyard Buildings in Unity) this Spring and were immediately taken with the concept of the “solar shed.” We knew we needed to build or buy a shed for some extra outdoor storage, and I’d always wanted to go solar at our house, so this made perfect sense!

Matt, Vaughan, and the whole team at Insource were excellent to work with, answered all our questions, and made sure everything came together on this project. We are excited to be building out the inside of our shed while knowing we are making power every day just by having this system in our back yard.

Great job all!

Bruce Fitzgerald
South China, Maine
When our heat pump had electrical issues, there are a couple of ways that this event could have gone. Insource could have blamed the manufacturer, basically come back and continued to tweak the unit, or – worse yet – not been terribly responsive overall. I can’t tell you how good and stress free it has felt to know that you guys have put the customer first and have done your absolute best in the matter.
We are very grateful.
Steve Podgajny
Brunswick, Maine