As the finishing touch to energy renovations of an old New England farmhouse, we installed forty-two (42) solar modules on the barn roof of a residence in Skowhegan. In an effort to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact, the owners had previously installed a ground source heat pump, commonly referred to as a geothermal system.

In an effort to offset some of the electricity demand required by the heating system several years before, the homeowners installed a Skystream wind turbine adjacent to the barn. Similar to others who have invested in these small, grid-tied wind systems, the performance of the turbine has never quite met the customer’s expectations. Their investment in solar will provide a more predictable return-on-investment and stronger payback that can easily be monitored through the system’s inverter.

The scale of this system required that CMP upgrade the transformer providing power to the home. Since the peak output of the inverter exceeds 10kW, the transformer had to be upgraded to a 25kVA model. We coordinated this upgrade with CMP and included it in the project cost.

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