As part of Solarize Mid Maine, Insource Renewables installed a 6.2kW roof-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) system in Sidney. The system was sized to offset 80-90% of the electricity consumed on-site.

Insource Renewables utilizes SnapNRack mounting hardware, which provides for a sleek finished product. SnapNRack uses an end clamp that is installed beneath the solar module, permitting the rails to be cut flush with the end of the array. This is a contrast to many mounting hardware packages that require the rails to be extend beyond the array. As seen in the photos, this detail makes for a clean, aesthetically pleasing installation.

This household also has a standby generator to power the home when electricity from the grid is interrupted. To accommodate integration between the PV inverter and the generator, a line-side interconnection was installed. To accomplish this, a special device is installed between the main electrical service panel and the utility meter. This is then wired through the inverter disconnect shown in the photo below.

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