Manufactured in Vermont, the AllEarth Renewables AllSun Series 24 tracker is designed to follow the sun’s trajectory across the sky year-round. The system uses global positioning coordinates to determine the position of the sun in the sky. This device allows for greater harvest of the sun’s energy than a fixed-mount system by assuring the solar modules are perpendicular to the sun’s radiation at all times. The unit has additional functionality that will reduce snow accumulation on the array in the winter and protect the system from high wind speeds.

Due to shading of the house roof and the orientation of the barn roof, the AllSun tracker served as an attractive solution to the homeowners. The system generates more electricity than the couple currently consumes at their home. Rather than forfeit their excess electricity to the utility, the client was able to enter into a virtual net metering agreement with Central Maine Power that allows them to apply a portion of their system’s output to their camp in Sebec. Maine net metering rules allow a system’s output to be applied to up to nine accounts provided they are in the same utility service territory.

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