When Solarize Mid Maine was launched, the program piqued the interest of Steve and Charlie Katz of Waterville. The Katzes has been interested in solar for many years, and the bulk purchasing program offered by the Sustain Mid Maine Coalition provided further motivation to act.

Their Waterville home was surrounded by a mature stand of oak trees that not only affected the solar capacity of its roof but also limited their ability to further develop their flower and herb gardens. During our site visit, we identified the trees that provided the largest impact on the sun’s ability to reach the roof. In our proposal, we provided an analysis of system performance with the selected trees removed.

While we toured the house, the Katzes shared concerns about the humidity and heat in their living room during the summer. The passive solar gain through the large south-facing windows contributes heavily to overheating. We opened up a conversation about the ability for a mini-split heat pump to cool and dehumidify the space while also providing significant economic benefit in the winter by reducing their heating demand.

After reviewing the proposals, the Katzes had some concerns about some of the uncertainty surrounding net metering policy during the spring on 2016. As the buying deadline neared the couple eventually determined that their investment would be one that served them now and served their children in the future.

With a robust standing seam metal roof beneath it, the solar array on the roof is expected to have a useful lifespan of 35-40 years. Using SnapNRack seam clamps, the solar array is permanently secured without the need to penetrate the roof.

The mini-split heat pump receives power directly from the solar photovoltaic (PV) system when the sun is out, and the grid provides additional electricity when the home is consuming more that the PV system generates. CMP measures the electricity delivered to the house from the grid and the electricity delivered from the house to the grid with separate meters.

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