Check out some of Insource Renewables' recent solar and heat pump installation projects below:

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Several years after having Insource Renewables install a solar photovoltaic system to offset the electricity use for... Read More
In 2019, Kennebec Montessori School embarked in an expansion of their facilities in Fairfield, Maine.
Balfour Farm runs a unique operation - an off-grid dairy farm.
At the 2018 Common Ground Country Fair, a couple building a new home in Lincolnville, Maine arrived at our booth.... Read More
Several years ago, a Hampden, Maine couple had installed solar on the rooftop of their garage.
With a south-facing roof featuring three dormers and a chimney and a garage shaded by the house, this residence in... Read More
In commercial settings, our Solar Structure line can generate savings and... Read More

In an effort to move their operations toward net zero, the owners of Black Locust Farm installed eighty (80) American-made SolarWorld Sunmodules and installed two ducted heat pumps. Black Locust Farm is home to cashmere goats and serves as a bed and breakfast.

During the fall of 2015, members of the Vassalboro Friends Meeting House collectively decided to add solar to the roof of their facility to offset the electricity used to heat, cool, and power the facility. After considering the various options available, they opted to buy a system outright.

Like many multifamily properties in Maine, the Townsend Apartment complex in Augusta was outfitted with electric baseboard heat during its initial construction. Electric baseboard is inexpensive to install, has no maintenance, is easy to zone, and provides a simple mechanism to account for the... Read More

Manufactured in Vermont, the AllEarth Renewables AllSun Series 24 tracker is designed to follow the sun's trajectory across the sky year-round. The system uses global positioning coordinates to determine the position of the sun in the sky. This device allows for greater harvest of the sun's... Read More

As part of Solarize Freeport, Insource Renewables installed forty-two (42) American-made SolarWorld Sunmodule SW280 Plus modules. The system was designed to offset the family's existing electricity usage plus the additional electricity demand from a newly installed Fujitsu 15RLS3 mini-split heat... Read More