Check out some of Insource Renewables' recent solar and heat pump installation projects below:

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Insource was initially contacted by a family in Freeport to explore options for installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system as part of Solarize Freeport. During our site visit, we explored a number of options for reducing the clients' energy use. The initial options included a PV system and a... Read More

As part of Solarize Mid Maine, Insource Renewables installed a 5kW roof-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) system in Sidney. The system was sized to meet the clients' preferred budget and will offset approximately 40% of the electricity consumed on-site.

Tucked in between I-295 and US-1 in Topsham is a unique housing community that includes a nature preserve, golf course, restaurant, fitness facilities, and several other amenities. Situated on 635 acres, Highland Green attracts residents who value the outdoors.

In early 2016, the Sustain Mid Maine Coalition selected Insource Renewables to launch Solarize Mid Maine, an effort to reduce the cost of solar equipment and installation for homeowners and businesses in the region. Solarize Mid Maine encouraged local property owners to install a solar energy... Read More

The Town of Freeport was recognized as a Community Climate Champion by the Maine Conservation Alliance as a result of Solarize Freeport, a municipally-led effort to promote solar in Freeport and to reduce costs for area homes and businesses. The success of Freeport's project also inspired other... Read More

We were first contacted by the client regarding the installation of a small solar photovoltaic (PV) system that would track the sun. The owner had previously installed a wind turbine on the site and wanted to utilize solar in a manner he had seen in other small projects. After discussions about... Read More

As the finishing touch to energy renovations of an old New England farmhouse, we installed forty-two (42) solar modules on the barn roof of a residence in Skowhegan. In an effort to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact, the owners had previously installed a ground source heat... Read More

In many applications, we utilize solar photovoltaics (PV) to offset the electrical demands of mini-split heat pumps. While we offer the high quality installation of these units, we also are happy to assist owners who have installed heat pumps with other contracting firms.

On a beautiful piece of land looking south towards Maine's beautiful midcoast, Artisan Builders built a beautiful new home for our clients. The passive solar house features a timber framed structure with double stud wall construction that minimizes the energy demands of the home. The house also... Read More

When we were approached about using solar to reduce the propane demand for a proposed off-grid home in Monroe, there were several options at our disposal. Our owner, Vaughan Woodruff, has developed a course with Heatspring called Solar Approaches to Radiant Heating and worked on several types of... Read More

When Solarize Mid Maine was launched, the program piqued the interest of Steve and Charlie Katz of Waterville. The Katzes has been interested in solar for many years, and the bulk purchasing program offered by the Sustain Mid Maine Coalition provided further motivation to act.

After seeing a tracker located in Parkman that was installed by Insource Renewables in 2014, a family contacted us to explore a similar installation at their home in Dexter. Due to their high electricity demands, the clients sought to maximize the output they could achieve from twenty-four (24)... Read More